Monday, April 21, 2008

Expelled - The Movie

Have you been "Expelled"?

Opening on about half the screens of other top 10 movies, Ben Stein's documentary on the censorship of intelligent design scored an impressive $3.2 million in its opening weekend – more than all but 8 other movies. "Expelled" rolled out in 1,052 theaters, compared with 3,151 for the #1 movie of the week , "The Forbidden Kingdom."

"Expelled", performed much better than the weekend's other new current-affairs documentary, "Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?"

"Expelled" exposes the widespread persecution of scientists and educators who are pursuing legitimate but opposing scientific views to the current establishment, or "Big Science".

The film is an expose on how academic institutions have become so pro-evolutionary that they have restricted educational learning and freedoms by excluding human origin alternatives like intelligent design, the idea that some form of intelligence, or God, created the cosmos.

If you are able to see this film in your area, please do so. If it makes enough money in the initial realease, there is a better chance for it to have a wider distribution across the country so that more people can see it. And if it does really well - maybe, just maybe, it will make it to the theatres in Mid-Missouri ...

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