Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thousands of visitors have trekked their way to the controversial museum since it officially opened on Memorial Day last year. A year later, the museum continues to draw thousands of visitors.
The museum depicts creationists' literal interpretation of the Bible's Book of Genesis on how the Earth and mankind were created. Answers in Genesis, a Christian organization, operates the museum that was years in the making. The museum is approaching its 400,000th visitor, exceeding all expectations.

Mark Looy, one of the museum's co-founders, said the past year has been "extraordinary in a number of ways" with such factors as the attendance and worldwide media attention. He said the museum believes attendance will remain strong this summer because tour-group bookings are higher than last year. "We are optimistic that for our second year, we'll have over 300,000 visitors come here," he said.

New things are happening at he museum as well, including the addition of another restaurant, a new entrance, and more parking. And then there's the suggestion that the museum build a Noah's Ark. (There's a small ark inside the museum). Looy said "people contact us all the time saying you should build a Noah's Ark" but there's nothing on the drawing boards.
To mark its one-year anniversary, the museum will have a Creation Celebration Friday, May 23, through Sunday, June 1. The museum will debut a musical called "Let the Rain Come," about Noah's ark on Friday, May 23.

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