Thursday, September 4, 2008

Picture Perfect Palin

It wasn't just a home run, said CNN's Wolf Blitzer; it may have been a grand slam. "A very auspicious debut," said NBC's Tom Brokaw. A "perfect populist pitch," said CBS' Jeff Greenfield. "Terrific," said Mort Kondracke on Fox News Channel.
"A star is born," said Chris Wallace on Fox.
"A star is born," said Anderson Cooper on CNN.
"A star is born," said Blitzer.
Could we be getting our first look at our first female president?
Only time will tell ....


Rosie said...

WooHOO! You GO GIRL! Even if you DO look like the Lenscrafters model! She'd get my vote!

Anonymous said...

I think they meant " A ROCK-star is born!"