Wednesday, March 11, 2009

turning 40...

As you turn 40 ...

Gardening suddenly seems like a good thing to do.

As does listening to classical music.

The prospect of dancing in public now terrifies you.

You begin to worry about rudeness, graffiti, the mail, the weather, road conditions, and the general decline of public services.

You think younger people who wear hooded sweatshirts with the hood up look sinister.

You don't need to join Facebook - you know who your friends are already.

You realize that texting has passed you by.

You are less certain of some things than you used to be, and more sure of others.

You argue with the television. You always win.

You can remember when TV sit-coms used to be funny.

Reading is something you now want to do, instead of something you have to do.

Cards and board games are now strangely attractive.

You increasingly find cryptic crossword puzzles to be a pleasant diversion.

You're physically incapable of doing high fives or other showy handshakes.

You have learned that maturity is CLEARLY not age based.

You've only got 30 years of work left to go.

You find solace in birdsong.

It's never quiet enough.

It can be too quiet.

You're going to die sooner than ever.

"40 is the old age of youth; 50 is the youth of old age." - Victor Hugo

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