Friday, October 2, 2009

on prayer

"If someone wants to adequately describe the usefulness of pious, earnest prayer, he will surely find a beginning more easily than a conclusion. Pious prayer offered in faith is a familiar conversation with God. It is a salutary remedy to all the difficulties of life. It is the key to heaven and the door to paradise. It shows us how much we depend on God, and it is a ladder of ascension to God. It is a shield for our defense and a faithful messenger of the ambassador. It is refreshment in the heat of misfortune, it is medicine during illness. It is a vessel that draws water from the font of divine kindness. It is a sword against the devil and a defense against misfortune. It is a wind that blows away evil and brings earthly benefits. It is a nurse that nurtures virtues and conquers faults. It is a great fortification for the soul and gives free access to God. It is a spiritual feast and a heavenly delicacy. It is a consolation for the dejected and a delight for the holy. It grants knowledge of the secret things of God and acquires His good gifts. It upholds the world and rescues people. It is ajoy for the heart and a jubilation for the mind. It follows God's gift of grace, and it leads us into glory. It is a garden of happiness and a tree full of delights. It calms the conscience and increases our thankfulness. It sends demons running and draws angels close. It is a soothing remedy for the misfortunes of life and the sweet smell of sacrifice of thanksgiving. It is a foretaste of the life to come and it sweetens the bitterness of death." (Johann Gerhard)

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Rosie said...

Praying for you everyday, honey. ILY