Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a foggy day

It's been really foggy here in Missouri this past week. This whole winter has been pretty cold, dark, dreary - and now foggy. The picture above shows Luther Tower at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis being enveloped and enshrouded by the fog.

Sometimes we as people feel this way - like we are living in the middle of a dense fog that won't budge no matter what we do.  A heaviness settles in and starts to take over our lives. We need something from the outside to break the clouds and take away the gloomy darkness.

Just as the sun must break forth and burn off the fog in the natural world, so also the Son must shine in our lives to dispel the darkness and enlighten our world. We remember during Epiphany that Jesus Christ is the Light of the World, the Light no darkness can overcome. He is the only One who can take away our darkness and give us the Light of Life. Just as the Children of Israel were led by a cloud by day and fire by night, we too are led by our Living and Risen Lord with His shekinah glory as He brings us through the wilderness and into the promised land.

Here's a song I wrote about this some years back called "Cloud by Day, Fire by Night" ...

Cloud by day and fire by night,
O Lord be not far from sight,
From ocean depths to the mountain height,
You're my cloud by day and my fire by night,
Cloud by day and fire by night.

Your works are wonderful, Lord of all creation,
I wish to seek Your face, and praise Your holy name..


Stained with sin and guilt I come, upon Your holy mountain,
Rain Your living water down, and fill me with new life again...


Holy Spirit like the wind, flow on, upon, and through me,
Fill me with Your presence now, so I may serve You joyfully...


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