Wednesday, March 24, 2010

holy week

Jesus did it all for you. For you, He rode into Jerusalem atop a donkey to shouts of Hosanna.

For you, Jesus sat at the table with the Twelve and made the Passover a meal of His own body and blood for the remembrance of His death that is our life.

For you, Jesus prayed in the garden, “Father, not my will but yours be done.” And the Father’s will is to save you from death in the death of His Son.

For you, Jesus was betrayed by one of His own disciples, one of the Twelve, a hand-picked follower.

For you, Jesus was tried and rejected by the chief priests and scribes, the clergy and Bible scholars.

For you, Jesus was tried and convicted by the political realm, an innocent man sentenced to die under a system of justice that didn’t know truth when the Truth was there in the flesh.

For you, Jesus’ life was exchanged for a convicted criminal.

For you, He was crucified between two criminals, one praying, the other, mocking.

For you, He hung in the darkness between noon and three, the Light no darkness can overcome, as the curtain in the temple was torn in two, showing the fulfillment of the temple and the end of religion.

For you, Jesus was buried and spent His sabbath in the grave.

He had you in mind when He did all this, when He humbled Himself and became obedient to death on a cross. It was all to save you, to forgive your sins, to raise you from your grave, to glorify you in Him.
The words “for you” demand all hearts to believe. This is more than the history of the Son of God. This is more than the story of how Jesus died. This is the story of your salvation - your history in Jesus.

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