Sunday, October 23, 2011

pastor appreciation

(from the blog - We Are All Beggars)

There are many ways for a congregation to celebrate its pastor. A card, a gift, a special dinner.
These things are all well and good. But this is not how you really appreciate your pastor.
So how should you show that you appreciate your pastor? We'll get to that in a second.
First - why should a pastor be appreciated in the first place?

It’s not because he’s popular, has a good personality, or is a snappy dresser. It’s not because he’s great with kids or tells funny jokes. It’s not because he’s likable in any way. Even if you don't really like your pastor that much, you should still appreciate him.  Why? Because he’s the one who has been chosen to stand in the place of Christ for you. He’s Christ’s mouth for you, delivering the Holy Words of God in Law and Gospel. He’s Christ’s hands for you, delivering life, salvation, and the forgiveness of sins in the Sacrament. You appreciate your pastor not because of who he is as an individual, but because of the office in which he stands.

So how should you show appreciation for your pastor?  By simply letting him do the things he is called to do. Go to Church. Go to Bible Study. Confess your sins to him and allow him to forgive you. Let your ears be filled with the Word of God and your mouths be filled with the Body and Blood of Christ. Receive what your Pastor is there to give you. Do this and your pastor will feel more appreciated than ever.

“For the gospel is not delivered unto us that we should thereby seek our own praise and glory, or that the people should honor and magnify us the ministers; but to the end that the benefit and glory of Christ might be preached, and that the Father might be glorified in his mercy offered unto us in Christ His Son, whom he delivered for us all, and with whom has given us all things.”

{Martin Luther - Commentary on Galatians}

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