Wednesday, December 21, 2011

shroud of turin authentic?

Experiments done recently by Italian researchers indicate the possibility that the Shroud of Turin is authentic.

Researchers from Italy's National Agency for New Technologiest believe their findings undermine previous theories that the shroud was a fake from medieval times.

Scientists were able to replicate marks on the cloth using highly advanced ultraviolet techniques that weren't available 2,000 years ago -- or during medieval times.

Since the shroud still can't be replicated using today's top-notch technology, researchers say its not possible for the original image to have been created in either period.

Of course, the "authenticity" of the Shroud has no implications on whether or not Christ was real, or whether He was divine. If it does turn out to be a medieval forgery, it doesn't have any bearing on our faith.

But you have to admit - it is pretty fascinating.



Herrens Hammare said...

Yes, it is fascinating, there's a good documentary film out there on the subject. One of the scientists who claimed it was a medieval forgery later came to the conclusion that it could very well be real. Apparantly, the shroud had been damaged by a fire in medieval times and the fibres the scientists had used for their survey were interwoven in nmedieval times, whereas the rest of the shroud was very much older.

The vicar in my parish of the Church of Sweden (Lutheran) told me that there is a possibility that the Church of naitivity in Betlehem could be on the exact spot that Christ was born at as well, cos there had been worship by Christians there since the first century and the romans later build a pagan temple at the spot in order to drive the christians away from there.

By the way, hope you and your whole parish had a blessed Christmas and an equally blessed new year's celebration!

pastor pete said...

thank you herrens - and a blessed epiphany season to you and yours!