Thursday, February 9, 2012

need to know

In today's pop culture of  tv preachers, mega-churches, and dumbed-down silly spiritualities,  it seems that some in our society just want to know - what is the least I need to know to be saved?

In other words, they're asking  - What is the most I can get away with?

Think about it - what if we were to pose that question in other areas of life?

How much water can I put in the gas tank before it stops running?
How much salt water from the ocean can I drink before it kills me?
How much fuzzy mold needs to be on my sandwich before its unhealthy for me to eat?

The mere fact that someone would ask this kind of question means they're putting conditions on God. It's telling God He can have part of their life but not all of their life.  The real question is - Who is really in charge?

The question of  "what must I do to be saved?" is in reality the question "who is Jesus?"

Strictly speaking, we don't have to KNOW anything to be saved. It is a gift of God - the undeserved grace of God for all who believe in Jesus Christ. But once we are saved, once we have been baptized and believe, once we are filled with the Holy Spirit,   we will want to know and to grow as Christians and to learn the Bible and be filled with the knowledge and wisdom of God. Not because we have to - but because we want to.

So, why do we have to know all this stuff when it doesn't really matter? Well, that's simple. Because it matters to God.