Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ancient mosaics

A female face depicted in mosaic on an ancient Jewish synagoge. Archaeologists uncovered this high-quality artwork in June 2012.

These mosaics of colored stones once decorated an ancient synagogue floor with Biblical scenes.
The newly excavated discovery was found near the ancient Jewish village of Huqoq. 
The mosaic decorates part of a synagogue dating back to about 500 A.D.  So far the team has excavated only part of the eastern wall of the structure, so they don't yet know how big the synagogue was. But the building appears to be made of large blocks of stone,  suggesting an expansive structure. 
The mosaic, which is incomplete, depicts several scenes. In one, two female faces flank a Hebrew inscription about rewards for people who perform good deeds. In the other, Samson ties torches to pairs of foxes,  an event described in the Book of Judges.  
(from live science)

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