Friday, August 3, 2012

14er lessons

a few lessons learned from climbing a 14,000 foot mountain... 

- no matter how hard or how long the journey, don't go at it alone - slow and steady wins the race - do hard things, it's painful but worth it - the heavens declare the glory of god - don't wait to pray until praying is your last option - while almighty and powerful, god is also tender and loving -     you only have one life, spend as much of it with your family as you can - people need jesus - the word of god is living and active and always accomplishes what it sets out to do - water is the lifeblood of creation - trees really do clap their hands like it says in the psalms - if you aren't always prepared, travel with someone who is - it always helps to unload excess baggage - no matter what happens, just keep going


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