Friday, November 9, 2012


so good to see you, old warrior and friend
what have you been up to, o where have you been?
it's been months, i believe, not since last spring
when you fell under the horizon as church bells did ring

did you take the dogs hunting, chasing taurus the bull?
or was it rest that you needed, still, calm, and peaceful?
whatever it was, and wherever you've been
we need you to come back now to help us again

We need your club, your belt, and your shield
we need you right now - leave your prey in the field
somehow it seems we have lost our own way
we could use some assistance while it is still day

for it won't be long until winter approaches
even sooner yet for the darkness encroaches
orion, great hunter, please come help us to find
where we have misplaced our heart, soul, and mind

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