Tuesday, August 6, 2013

unfinished business

The 1993 Orange Bowl was a devastating loss for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Even though the disappointment hurt, the loss was a catalyst for the next four years - the greatest period of time in Nebraska football history. The 1994 season was dubbed "Unfinished Business".

Men - we cannot get back the loss of hiking Mt Elbert in 2013. We have sent out a few pieces lately that describes that and what we gained and lost. But as we look to 2014, we too can say that we have "Unfinished Business" as an army of God's men. Not just for Peak Challenge 2014, but for the sake of the Kingdom here and now up through Peak Challenge 2014.

Coach Tom Osborne noted that team unity during the Unfinished Business season was "exceptional, the best we have ever had."  Grant Winstrom, star defensive end, noted:

"Guys took ownership of the program, because Coach Osborne made us feel like it was ours. When you feel like you have a stake in something, you're going to work a little bit harder for it. I fully believe that's why we had the success that we had, because we felt like it was our team. There's a whole different level of commitment when you feel like it's your blood on the line. You're not just a cog in the wheel. You're the engine that drives it."

It's time to own the "program".

Own the faith in Jesus Christ and the calling that God has given to you. We all have a stake in the Bigger Story. It is not just our blood and sweat and tears on the line, it is His. So as we prepare for Peak Challenge 2014 and Mt Elbert, unify as a team to build His Kingdom here and now. Prepare for Peak Challenge 2014 and boldly reach out to others to invite them into the experience.

"Nobody put themselves above the team. Nobody worried about what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. The only thing that mattered was what you're doing today. If you can get guys to buy into that, then you have something special."

You all bought in at Peak Challenge 2013. God was there to rally us through the disappointment. He has great things for you to do for His Kingdom starting today. Go do them. Invite others into the journey. See you in July 2014.


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