Thursday, January 9, 2014

treasure all these things and ponder them in your heart

"I Remember"  by LCMS Chaplain Will Weedon

I remember when the angel came and told me, and my heart burst with joy and terror.

I remember how Elizabeth greeted me as I came near her house, how she knew my secret, and how my heart melted and my eyes burned with tears as I began to prophesy.

I remember when I first felt your movement inside my body, and I realized that I was the living ark of the living God.

I remember when I first saw your face, and touched your hands, and looked into Joseph’s eyes.

I remember when the shepherds came creeping in to see you, to worship you, telling us songs of angels, glory in the highest and peace on earth.

I remember when we brought you to the temple and the old man took you in his arms and blessed God, ready to die, and told me of my pain yet to come.

I remember when the stargazers came from the East and bowed before you as they gave their gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh, while the star's light shone upon us.

I remember when Joseph woke me and we fled into the night ahead of Herod’s sword of death.

I remember when we came home at last, and our neighbors wondered and whispered about us.

I remember when you stayed behind in Jerusalem, when we found you in the temple, when my heart filled with fear when you chose to abide in the place of sacrifice and death.

I remember when you told me it wasn't your time, yet you still made water into wine.

I remember when we came to find you and bring you home, when we learned that all those in need were dear to you as your own family.

I remember when they took you, tortured you, and crucified you; when the old man's words in the temple came true, when a sword pierced my own soul too as I watched you suffer and die.

I remember when you looked at me and your beloved disciple and gave us to each other for all our days.

I remember when the light died in your eyes and my heart sank beyond tears and words.

I remember after the dark days when they came and told me that you lived again, and joy flooded my heart, and I knew then what I had always known - that your every promise was true.

I remember when we prayed together after you had gone into heaven and the Spirit came in wind and flame.

I remember how they went and told the news to all the world, and how I welcomed each new believer as my beloved child, a brother of my Son, the King of all.

I remember it all now, as I lay my head down in death.

My Son, My Lord, I am not afraid. I go to you now, to you who have conquered death, to you my Redeemer and Savior. Receive me, child. Receive me.

I remember ...

"And Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart ..."


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