Thursday, January 29, 2009

March For Life

Some media outlets reported hundreds, others thousands, when it was actually hundreds of thousands.

(this from Jack Cashill, WorldNetDaily)

On Thursday morning, Jan. 22, I met with our six-camera crew in Washington and went over the day's objectives.

We had come to town to shoot a documentary called "Thine Eyes" (See, the first-ever high-end production centering on the annual March For Life.

We were commissioned to create this video to set the media record straight. Although I had not attended the March before, I knew enough about the way the media worked to suspect that a little straightening was in order.

The media did not disappoint. Their coverage confirmed my most paranoid suspicions and shocked even the apolitical among our crew.

Energized by Obama's promise to expand the abortion franchise, pro-life activists flooded into D.C. from all over Canada and America. To capture some sliver of this movement, we had put camera crews on busses out of Kansas, Missouri and Alabama.

By noon the marchers had gathered on the Mall, as impressively colorful, diverse and good-spirited a gathering as I have ever seen, perhaps three-quarters of them under 25.

I am told it was the best-attended march ever. The crowd was massive, and I found myself right in the middle of it, a literally overwhelming experience.

So large was the crowd, in fact, that it took us an hour of shuffling – The Shuffle for Life? – before we actually hit the street and begin the long walk up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court Building, just east of the Capitol.

To get an accurate count of the participants, we put one camera on a rooftop en route. I would estimate about 300,000 marchers. To see for yourself, watch the video.

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