Saturday, July 24, 2010

your church may not be a church...

Your church may not be a church if....

- You never hear the word "sin" there.

- You hear the word "sin," but only briefly or redefined as "mistakes."

- You can't remember when you last heard the name of Jesus in a message.

- The Easter Sunday message isn't about the resurrection but "new opportunities" in your life.

- On the other sundays, the message is about how great you are.

- There are more videos than prayers.

- People don't sing during "worship," but watch.

- The pastors' chief responsibilities are things foreign to Scripture.

- There is more money budgeted for advertising than for mission.

- Most of the groups are oriented around sports or leisure, not study or service.

- You always feel comfortable there.

(from the gospel driven church)

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