Sunday, August 8, 2010


(these are some things i wrote down before starting seminary in the summer of 2003)

Life is a journey, so don't forget to open the window and stick your head out once in awhile.

Hometowns will come and go, but my citizenship in heaven never changes.

If life is essentially the sharing of stories, then I have an important story to share.

They say that life is more of a marathon than a sprint -  unfortunately I never was much of a long distance runner.

God's call includes both blessing and burden. Thankfully, burdens can be left at the foot of the cross.

God is always full of surprises. I think it's His way of "winking" at us.

If God has a plan for two people to be together, then 'love at first sight", "a match made in heaven", and "happily ever after" all of a sudden become very real possibilities.

No matter how much money I make for the rest of my life, I'll never be richer than I am right now. 

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love it - mom