Friday, September 3, 2010

liberation theology

It's interesting to me how much talk there is today of liberation theology, and how some people are only hearing about it now for the first time. I learned about liberation theology while studying in Mexico in the late 80's. It was quite disturbing then - and still is today.

"Liberation Theology is a socialist version of Christianity, the general idea being that Jesus Christ was a revolutionary whose death inspires people to free themselves from social, political, or economic problems. It tends to flourish in socialist countries and in countries where there is a large amount of poverty and economic oppression. While it often takes the form of a socialist society, some forms are aggresively revolutionary with the goal being the violent overthrow of governments.
Essentially it is not about the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and salvation in Christ, but about achieving social and economic justice and equality here on earth. Jesus isn't God in liberation theology - His death is just another injustice in a long line of injustices done to innocent men. It is not necessarily a version of Christianity that we would recognize."  
- Dr. Lane Burgland

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