Tuesday, September 14, 2010

what if this is how they saw us?

A timely reminder of how we can show Christ’s love to our Muslim neighbors and how that might make a difference.
(from the internet monk -  author’s name has been withheld because of the sensitive nature of their ministry.)

“Can I walk with you?” she asked.

This Afghan lady had received a gift basket from us last Christmas, but never warmed to the gospel.
She never returned our calls. Never wanted to visit. Seemed like a dead end. What could she want now?

As we strolled to school she unexpectedly poured out her heart.
Her family struggles. Her confusion. Her pain.
And at the end of the stroll she turned and said “Thank you. I knew you would pray for me”

What if this was what Muslims thought of Christians?
What if they didn’t think of Quran burnings or troops invading.
What if this was the message we sent to the Muslim world -
That we are praying for them. That we love them.
That Jesus loves them and will answer them if they cry out to him to save them.

Today we are experiencing a crescendo of religious furor.
Threats of Quran burnings. Mosque building plans.

What will the church's response be?
Join with us and cry out to God for this lady who believes that we are people of prayer.

Wherever you are. Whatever you are doing. Take time to pray.

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Thank you, Pete.