Saturday, January 15, 2011

life sunday

LFL145BI 72 dpi

Why would anyone want to keep children from the arms of Jesus? The disciples seemed to be doing just that in Mark 10: 13-16. Perhaps they thought they were doing Jesus a favor. After all, people were always crowding around Him and now all these children? Give Jesus a break!
But Jesus was “indignant” with His disciples over this. These children were precious. They were the work of His hands, knit together in their mothers’ wombs. Jesus uses these as a picture of all who are vulnerable and in need. Just as we are completely dependent upon Jesus for life, so we are completely dependent upon Him for the new life of His Kingdom. Jesus does not want anyone turned away. He desires to welcome and bless everyone.

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Al & Sylvia said...

Thanks for your timely and insightful blogs, Peter. I also enjoyed the delightful photos of the snow flakes.