Friday, January 7, 2011

the season of epiphany

Epiphany and the days to come lead us on a journey with Jesus to the beginning of Lent.

In these days following Epiphany, it is time for one remarkable Jesus-prompted surprise and delight after another. Our minds boggle and heads shake at the insightful words Jesus speaks. Our jaws drop in amazed wonder to see him exercise power over nature, bring wholeness to broken lives, and restore vitality where death once reigned. Fear and dread knot our stomachs as cosmic conflict erupts. But Christ speaks with authority, and all is at peace.

These days also remind us that Jesus came to spread the light of love of God to everybody. Therefore, Epiphany is a wonderful time for the church to focus in a special way on the Missio Dei—God’s mission in the world. Hearing and seeing our Savior at work, we long that he would call us to join him in bringing salvation and shalom to others. We jump at the chance when we hear him say, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men”.

Leaving the “holy huddle,” we go out into the neighborhoods, towns, and cities where we live to relate, listen, befriend, help, comfort, support, and share Good News with those around us in Jesus’ name, in the authority of his Kingdom, and in the power of his Spirit.

(from the internet monk)

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