Tuesday, May 29, 2012

can these bones live?

In the Old Testament story of The Valley of Dry Bones, the prophet Ezekiel looks out over a lifeless valley of death, as the words of Yahweh ring in his ear,  "Can These Bones Live?"

That is the question, is it not? That is the question we all ask as well. In the hospital, in the nursing home, at the funeral home, in the cemetery. Can these bones live?

The great good news for you today is that the answer is yes! For the breath of God from the Living Christ fills our hearts and lives, and gives life to all who believe. By the power of the Holy Spirit, this breath of God and His words of life call us forth from the grave - they raise us up from the dead to give us new life again.

Just like the Israelites in captivity, just like the disciples the first Easter morning, just like the 3000 baptized believers on that first Pentecost. Our sins are forgiven, our fears are dispelled, our sorrow is turned to joy, and death is overcome. Christ is Risen ... Jesus is Alive .... and because He lives, we will live also.

And someday, on the last day, God will also raise us up from the dead. He'll bring us home to be with Him and place us into His blessed promised land forever. And on that day - we can surely say - these bones will live!


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